ThatGameCompany test

Hi everyone. First of all, you can now follow me on facebook (click here).

Here is the result of a test I provided for ThatGameCompany, the great independant videogames studio, located in Los Angeles. They created Cloud, Flower, Journey,etc...

So I had to work from an illustration they gave me, and decline it through some ambiances, character design, props, etc...
It was fun to do, and perhaps something will happen!

PS: this is no concepts for a new video game!


Hi everyone!! Here is my graduation film! I co-directed this film with the very talented Emmanuel Asquier-Brassart, Ricky Cometa, Adrien Gromelle and Thibaud Petitpas!

Here is the film, and also my making of!


Synopsis :
Le myosis est la diminution de la pupille par contraction de l'iris. C'est un phénomène inconscient qui peut être provoqué par une lumière vive, par la peur, ou sous l'effet d'une prise de conscience.
Myosis is the constriction of the iris which decreases the diameter of the pupil. It is an unconscious phenomenon which can be triggered by an intense light, fear, or the effect of epiphany.


My Making Of!


DPC - Challenge 03 - Abandoned Places

Hi. Here is my second contribution for the Digital Painting Challenge, a good opportunity to keep the hand active!

Little Houdini test

Here is the test I did for the TV special Little Houdini. I won't be on the production though, but many other things are coming next! After vacations :)

DPC - Challenge 02 - Flying Boat

My contribution for the Digital Painting Challenge (on facebook), the theme was "flying boat", so... I did a flying boat

Portfolio 2013

Hello everyone! I am posting this late, but here is my portfolio 2013. I am now graduated from Gobelins, and hope to find great projects to work on!

Most of the researches you will see come from my graduation film, Myosis, which will be on the internet in September, be patient!




Hi everybody. We still have a month of production on our bachelor film, and I wanted to share with you this illustration, wich gives an idea of the mood! Hope you will like it.

former leads

Happy new year for everyone! This year I'm going to present my work in english, even if I don't use to write pages...

So here are a few researches for my diploma film at Gobelins. Because the final direction won't be like this, I allow myself to show a bit more, to not just leave them in the most forgotten folder of my hard drive.